DRG supports Richard Graham on the Voice

The DRG (Di Maggio’s Restaurant Group) are supporting their employee Richard Graham from Barolo Bar and Grill, Glasgow. Mario Gizzi, Director of DRG said: We are very excited that Richard has made it through the first stage of The Voice UK 2017. We will all be supporting him and wishing him every success”.

Bosie are a dynamic duo from Glasgow. The 21 year olds fuse a mixture of dark harmonies with upbeat pop music with a sound that has been described as a cross between Fleetwood Mac and The Lumineers. The musicians recently graduated from the Academy of Music and Sound with their degrees with Honours. They have since thrown themselves into performing and are currently being featured on this year’s season of The Voice UK.

Richard Graham said: “We are so thrilled to currently be on The Voice UK 2017. The experience has been incredible so far. To be working with some of the most prominent musicians in the world means that we have had to step up our game. The process of being selected for The Voice UK, has been a whirlwind. We boarded a plane the day after graduating from university, prepared to give it our best shot. We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback from all four of the coaches. Will.I.Am commented that we are ‘harmony wizards’. Tom Jones told us he ‘couldn’t wait to hear more from us’ and Jennifer Hudson telling us that our sound ‘gave her Goosebumps’.´´

Bosie will be launching their first EP ‘Hey Young Blood’, at The Anchor Line, Glasgow (part of the DRG), later this month. Richard said: “We are eager to be able to present our own music and show people that we can song write as well as sing. We feel privileged to represent our home country, and offer the world a taste of the vibrant and eclectic sound of what Scottish music is.”